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Oct 29

WebinarHD Review

Welcome To My WebinarHD Review, I’ll Be Looking At This Product Released By Kimberly De Vries and Danny De Vries To See If You Should Buy It

This WebinarHD review is based on my own experience with this new platform, so I will show you exactly what you can expect inside. I’ll be having a look at the sales page as well, to determine if this product lives up to the claims being made on there. When you buy WebinarHD through the links anywhere on this page, I will get a small compensation at no extra cost to you and you will be able to get access to my exclusive and custom bonuses. I’ve put these bonuses together specifically for WebinarHD to help you make the most out of this product.

Webinars are probably the best way to sell mid- to high-ticket items over the internet. You can give your live presentation to a many people at the same time, while creating the trust neccesary for your prospects to invest in you. One of the major downsides of webinars is the technical aspect. You need to have reliable software, because any interruption will surely cost you conversions. At the same time, that software used to be really expensive, ranging in the hundreds per month. Fortunately, that has changed with the launch of WebinarHD. Let’s see if this new software can truly deliver as much as its much more expensive competitors in this WebinarHD review…

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What is WebinarHD?

WebinarHD is a platform that allows you to hold live teleconferences over the internet, called webinars. These live presentations are extremely effective at converting prospects into customers of mid- to high-ticket items, ranging between $200 and $2000 in price. Because of this, webinars can be super profitable and if you’re taking your online information business seriously, you absolutely have to use them. WebinarHD takes webinars to a new level by adding addition features at a very competitive pricepoint.

What will you get when you purchase WebinarHD?

I will go over some of the features that really make WebinarHD stand out of from its competition. First off, the ability to live stream your webinars to Facebook or Youtube. This will help you get a lot of traffic to your webinar easily, without your social media following having to go through a separate registration process to sign up. Your presentations can have an unlimited amount of hosts and you can add any member from your audience on as a host during the webinar, to create true and real interaction with the audience. The funnels are completely done-for-you, so you can simply send traffic to the registration page and everything else is taken care of by the software. The option to play pre-recorded content or any YouTube videos can help you create live-like webinars or a mix of live and recorded content at will.

Does WebinarHD Really Work?

In short: yes! I am incredibly amazed by the ability of this software to deliver as much as it does at this price. While the competition charges hundreds of dollars per month, you can achieve the same with WebinarHD for a mere one-time fee lower than that. The platform is reliable and the extra features, like live-streaming to Facebook or YouTube, are very welcome in today’s marketing environment.

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Is anything missing?

To wrap up this WebinarHD review I want to say that you won’t get any training on how to hold effective webinars to convert your prospects into customers with your purchase. And that’s totally fine, if you already have a webinar laid out to plug into it. However, if you don’t, I’ve got you covered! My sweet bonus package contains a training course created by me personally to tell you exactly how to craft the perfect webinar and rake in those high-ticket sales. In addtion to that I’m also giving you more bonuses on how to send traffic to your webinars and get tons of sign ups. Check it out by clicking on any of the buttons on this page right now…

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Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed my WebinarHD review!

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