TXTVideo Review – With Exclusive Bonuses!

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Nov 15

TXTVideo Review

Welcome To My TXTVideo Review, I’ll Be Looking At This Product Released By Jamie Ohler To See If You Should Buy It

How would you like to be able to create super viral videos for your marketing purposes? Today we’re going to be looking at a product that can do just that. In this TXTVideo review I will show you the ins and outs of this brand new software. I’ve had the chance to play around with it for a bit and my full experience will be revealed here. To ensure this TXTVideo review is fair, I’ll be looking at the sales page as well to see if the product can make good on the claims being made there.

In addition to that I’ve created some custom and exclusive bonuses for you, when you purchase TXTVideo through my links anywhere on this page. Full disclosure: I’ll get a small commission on your purchase when you do, but this comes at no cost to you and does not affect my honest review of this product at all.

We all know how extremely important attention is these days. If you can’t get people’s attention on your content, you’ll never even get the chance to sell them on your amazing products or services, no matter how good your sales pitch. I’m sure you’ve seen some of those texting videos on Facebook or other social media before. Where two people are having a “text” conversation… And I’m almost sure you couldn’t resist but to watch them till the end, right? Those videos plain out work. But until now there wasn’t actually an easy way to create them. That’s when TXTVideo comes in… Let’s delve a little deeper into this software.

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What is TXTVideo?

TXTVideo is a video creation software that can create text conversations that look and feel like real messenger conversations. This gives your videos that entertainment value and curiosity factor that draws people in. Besides, this also triggers social proof, as it looks like it’s just two people having a conversation, while you’re actually marketing your products. This is going to be a game changer for marketing on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and other social media platforms.

What will you get when you purchase TXTVideo?

The main product will allow you to create text videos just like the one below:

(embed my own video)

You can pick and choose the name and avatar of the person on the other side of the conversation, so it looks like a real messenger chat. Then start typing, you can type from both ends of the conversation with an easy switch. Once you are done and happy with the result, you can render your video with the push of a button, to make it ready to share on your social media. Videos like this will get massive engagement.

TXTVideo is the first of its kind, no other software like this has been created before, and that makes it really amazing. You can be the first to take advantage of this massive new marketing opportunity and bank big before your competition even finds out about it.

txtvideo review software

Does TXTVideo Really Work?

I have played around with the software a bit do make sure I do a thorough TXTVideo review. It is super easy to use, fast and intuitive. You don’t need to do anything complicated. In fact, it’s just as easy as real texting on your phone. You type a message, it appears, you type the message from the other person in response and voila: your video is ready to render. 

The next question of course is: do these videos really work as well as advertised. For that, you only have to look at the most viral Facebook videos. You’ll see that many of them involve “fake” or real text conversations. In short: people love them! And they’ll happily share them for you, giving you that illusive and sought after viral effect.

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Is anything missing?

While you’ve seen in this TXTVideo review that this software works really well for what it’s made for, there are a few things I think would help you out even more. For example, if this is your first time trying to create viral social media posts, you’ll need an actual following to post to. That’s why I’ve included many bonuses covering different social media networks and how you can quickly and easily build a massive following of engaged users on them.

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Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed my TXTVideo review!

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