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By BaukeV | Business

Jul 21

So, last weekend I was in London, to visit the Lifestyle Business Convention by John Lee (and his company Wealth Dragons). Since my current business is a lifestyle business, I figured it would a good idea to see what other people in this area are doing. Apart from that, I had never been to London before, even though it’s less than a 1-hour flight for me, so I figured I might as well enjoy a few more days in the city.

The first thing I really noticed is how extremely busy of a place London is. Now, admittedly I don’t have that much to compare it to, but I’ve been to Paris, Rome and I’ve lived in Amsterdam for 7 years and none of those come close. There are just people absolutely everywhere you look in large groups in London.

Another obvious fact about London that most people will know about are the prices. Everything is more expensive than in Europe, mostly because of the expensive Pound. The worst is the food. There’s a billion places to eat in London, which surprisingly makes it harder to find decent food, because 99% of them are terrible and overpriced.

Fortunately I did find one place where I ate really well for a good price. It would be the last place you’d expect: a really tiny African restaurant with just 5 tables. It came highly recommended on TripAdvisor though and was close to my hotel, so I decided to give it a try. I was not disappointed. The food was delicious and the owner was really nice, giving good advice and clearly passionate about his service.

The Lifestyle Business Convention was a free event and so naturally, their main purpose was sales. Normally that would turn people off, but not me in this occasion. Because one of my main takeaways from the convention was how they were selling their programs. Many of the techniques and practices that I’ve been learning about in Matt Pocius’ coaching program ( were being used, but on a much larger scale than I’d ever seen before. John Lee and his partners sure know how to take the art of storytelling to a whole new level and it was an amazing experience.

Here’s me with John Lee at the end of the conference.



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