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May 28

Paytrix Review

Welcome To My Paytrix Review, I’ll Be Going Over This Product Released By Jono Armstrong, Paul Okeeffe And Richard Fairbairn To See If You Should Get It

In this Paytrix Review I’ll be going over the member’s area and the sales page, to make sure I can give you a thorough review and see if the product lives up to its claims. If you do decide that Paytrix is for you, I have put together a custom package of bonuses for you that you’ll get access to free of charge when you buy Paytrix through the links anywhere on this page. See the last section at the bottom of this page to check out what those bonuses are.

Are you still stuck in your 9-5 and just buying product after product, hoping for a magic solution. This is exactly the situation most struggling newbie affiliate marketers find themselves in. So it’s a good thing when three highly successful affiliate marketers show you exactly how they escaped that situation and walk you through their exact business. This way you can copy exactly what they’re doing and make your own business just as successful.

But what if you’re already making some commissions with affiliate marketing? Whether it’s just a few bucks here and there or a good income, there are always ways to increase it. And that’s where Paytrix comes in as well. 

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Get Paytrix With My Custom Bonuses

What is Patrix?

Paytrix is a collaboration between three extremely successful affiliate marketers, Richard Fairbairn, Jono Armstrong and Paul Okeeffe, on how they run their own affiliate promos. It’s a combination of over-the-shoulder and step-by-step videos on setting up affiliate campaigns the right way, with software and done-for-you extras. The premise is, Patrix will give you the red pill that will take you down the rabbit hole of internet marketing and show you the truth behind real commissions.

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What will you get when you purchase Paytrix?

In the member’s area of Paytrix you’ll find first and foremost the training modules. For this Paytrix review I went through this material for you and I’ll describe briefly what is covered.

Jono has created a video course, showing his affiliate marketing funnels and set-up, while Paul and Richard cover their own strategies and tactics in the accompanying PDF files. I really like this setup, as watching videos is a great way to get a feel for how things work, while advanced tactics are sometimes much more clear when they’re laid out in text format. So thumbs up for the delivery format!

There are 6 modules in the basic training, covering where to get affiliate offers, how to properly promote them, add bonuses to it, where to find those bonuses etc.

Get Paytrix With My Custom Bonuses

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What is so unique about Paytrix?

The real meat of Paytrix is in the last modules, where they show exactly how they’re able to make an extra $0.75 for every dollar they make in affiliate commissions. The way they’re showing you how to do this in Paytrix is super unique but at the same time so simple that it’s really a wonder no one has thought of it in that way before. I’m definitely going to be implementing this in my own affiliate campaigns from now on. 

This tip alone makes me extremely positive about the product in this Paytrix review and so I highly recommend you pick it up and go through the training yourself.

Is there anything missing?

I think Paytrix is a very complete training program and there’s not a whole lot missing, but a few things could be covered in more depth, such as how to actually make reviews and email marketing. This is why I’ve decided to add my own courses on these topics as bonuses for you, when you purchase Paytrix through my link anywhere on this page.

See below for the full list of bonuses you’ll get from me, free of charge, by buying via this Paytrix review.


Get Paytrix With My Custom Bonuses

Here are all the exclusive bonuses you will get from me after purchasing Paytrix through my link below:

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Exclusive Bonus #1: How To Record Your Screen & Webcam For Free  – when you’re going to be doing product reviews to send people to your bonus pages, as taught in Paytrix, you’ll want to create professional looking screen recordings, preferably with webcam too. Most software that’ll allow you to do this costs quite a bit of money. So in this video I’ll show you how you can do it for free, with a little known open-source tool.

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Exclusive Bonus #2: Email Marketing Fundamentals – list building is covered in the Paytrix training modules, but a lot of aspects of it aren’t covered in much detail such as autoresponders, follow-up sequences and broadcasts. That’s why you’ll get my Email Marketing Fundamentals course as a bonus.

Exclusive Bonus #3: Guaranteed Affiliate Link Approval – when doing affiliate promotions as a newbie, you’ll run into vendors not trusting you and not approving your affiliate link request. They go over this in Paytrix, but in this bonus I’ll show in greater detail how I overcame this problem myself with pretty much 100% success rate.

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Exclusive Bonus #4: Make PLR 10x Better – to create high-quality bonuses, you could use PLR, but not as is. Here I’ll show you how to turn simple and cheap PLR into a great personal bonus yourself. This is especially good for new affiliate marketers who don’t have the knowledge and experience to create their own bonuses yet.

Exclusive Bonus #5: Model To Win – what I cover in this course is the single most important reason for my success in online business. Go through this and you’ll be miles ahead of anyone else.

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Affiliate Bonuses: Provided by the vendorMost affiliates will simply provide you with the bonuses the vendor provides them with to give to you. Because I don’t want you to miss out on those after getting my exclusive bonuses, I’ll also be including the bonuses that the vendor has provided me with to give to you!

Get Paytrix With My Custom Bonuses

How to access your bonuses?

After your purchase you will get access to your bonuses automatically.
You can find them below your purchase in JvZoo or WarriorPlus:

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paytrix review jvzoo

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