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​Here's What You Can Expect Daily With Craigsbank...

So, If You're Tired Of Seeing This:

Listen Closely...


Hi there...

Bauke here,

with my partners Juwon and Shardasia.

​Until recently we were just as frustrated as you are...

Spending hours upon hours struggling with affiliate marketing, building email lists, trying Facebook PPC or Google Adwords...

With NOTHING to show for it at all. $0. Zilch. Nada.

All that changed when Juwon stumbled upon a little known method, involving a very well-known website.

And when he introduced me to it, I was SHOCKED at how easy this was.

You see, most products out there claim to teach a simple and quick way to make money online...

Only to leave you hanging without any real results,

Because you''ll quickly realize it's not nearly as easy as advertised.

They never mentioned the videos you had to create. And who wants to sit there in front of the camera looking like a fool anyway? Or spend hours of your precious time on video editing?

Or maybe you need to build an email list for that method to really work? Good luck getting anyone to open your emails these days!

Perhaps paid advertising is where it's at then? Or would you rather not waste thousands of dollars, only to find out you have to be a genius to get any results from paid advertising?

In that case, I have really good news for you!

Juwon uses none of that.

In fact, his method doesn't even involve any affiliate marketing or really, any marketing at all.

You simply sell small businesses services they're already looking for...

And someone else will do all the work for you.

His method is so simple, anyone could do this, so I decided to team up with him and together we created...



craigsbank box3d

​Craigsbank is a complete step-by-step training course, ​showing you exactly how to make $148-$367 every single day by ​getting other people to ​do all the work for you.

You simple post a listing, sell a service for hundreds of dollars, then buy that same service for ​less than $50, you pocket the difference.

Now you might think:
*easy, I can do that, what do I need your training for?!*

​Well, you might be able to, but let me ask you: why aren't you doing it already if it was so easy?

​It's because you don't have the blueprint! You don't have a step-by-step action plan to follow. And you're going to run into all sorts of pitfalls, that are easy to avoid if you know about them beforehand.

And Juwon has already spent the months he needed to figure this all out, so you don't have to.

In fact, ​when you pick up Craigsbank today, and implement the three easy steps shown inside, you'll be making money with this as soon as tomorrow!

Imagine that, waking up tomorrow with a $200 paycheck waiting for you.

​It would make it all worth it, the struggle to get here...

The failures you've had before, trying to find a working method...

The boss you've put up with for so long...

Because you will know the most important thing.

You can do this...

Over and over again!


Step #1: Follow Juwon's MR Blueprint

​No more than 15 minutes

​The easy to follow over-the-shoulder course by Juwon will show you how to do this in just a couple of minutes!

​Step #2: ​Have Someone Else Do All The Work​

​While You Sit Back

​Juwon will show you how to easily get someone else to do all the work, while you pocket the cash!

​Step #​3: ​Rinse & Repeat

​Faster Every Time

Keep doing this and you'll keep banking profits, every single day. This is the breakthrough you've been waiting for.


Meet Juwon...

​I was always looking to live the laptop lifestyle so from an early age I started reading up on blogging, watching YouTube videos, I subscribed for every single survey site I could find, then I made my first $200 online doing domain flipping, I was overjoyed but the market became a bit saturated, so I sold off all my domains and ​started looking ​for systems that were reliable to make money online. That's when I discovered the Craigsbank method.
My biggest frustration was always trying to test out different methods from the tens of courses ​I ​bought and ma​king zero dollars, they were just burning a hole in my pocket...
Now I can wake up ​and ​know I’ll get paid this week, get on my laptop spend ​a few minutes and know in the coming days ​I can and will make $200 upwards or more!

​What Can You Expect?

​Step-By-Step Course On Getting Paid $143-367 Every Single Day While Having Other People Do All The Work For You

​The exact websites Juwon uses to make this method work and how to get started with them right away.

​In-depth case study of Juwon making an easy $300 while you can look ​over his shoulder exactly how he did it!​


What ​Others Are Saying...

Anoy implemented our method and closed a $250 deal within 3 days!

"I tried affiliate marketing but didn't understand most of it. Juwon taught me a method that was easier and on my first try I made $107 in profit!"


Buy this and you are in business!

“​The course is very newbie friendly and well put together to make money with a super popular website. If you invest in this course, you are in business! --- If I can do it, you can do it.
Start here to make some money...”

​Harry Jacobs 


Is ​​Craigsbank Right For You?

Who is this for

  • check-circle-o
    ​Are you struggling to make money online?
  • check-circle-o
    ​Are you tired of always seeing the exact same methods everywhere?
  • check-circle-o
    Do you want to make $100-300 per day by simply letting other people do all the work for you?

Who is this not for

  • times-circle-o
    ​Those already making over $10,000 per month online
  • times-circle-o
    ​People who would rather do all the work themselves
  • times-circle-o
    ​People who ​aren't action takers ready to change their lives for good
You Will Get Results ​100% ​Guaranteed Or Your Money Back

​Getting Craigsbank at its current price is a total no-brainer. But we don't want you to have any reason not to invest in yourself today. That's why we're going to be taking all of the risk... And give you a full 30 days to ​make this work!

Take Craigsbank for a spin, take action on the method and you'll see results within days!

If ​it doesn't work, simply send us a message within 30 days of your purchase and we'll give you 100% of your money back immediately.



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​Learn How To Make $200/Day With Your Smartphone in this in-depth step-by-step training course.




​​The quick, no-list method for making a few hundred bucks by flipping domain names.



Access to a private ​Mastermind Group

​This is not a Facebook group, it is an interactive platform a 100 times more engaging than a Facebook group, and ​we are inviting you into the group so you can network with like-minded people, share ideas that worked and help each other stay focused.



​Automation ​Guide

​Learn how to ​automate the entire Craigsbank method very fast and very easily with this ​special software Juwon discovered.


​Get This At The Best Price Today! 
Lock In Your ​Discount Now

​Initially we were going to release this method ​to our personal coaching students only,

and they're paying at least $997 each.

But we know this method will never get saturated,

there's just too much opportunity out there.

And ​a lot of people who couldn't afford a $997 coaching fee really need this.

So ​I had a talk with Juwon and we decided this will be a $97 course,

to make it available to a much larger audience.

However, during this special launch period, you're going to get a discount of more than 80%.

So get ​Craigsbank today, for just...



Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

What ​is ​Craigsbank?

​Is Craigsbank really a brand new method?

​Is this really newbie friendly?

​Do I need to put my face on camera for this?

How ​much money can I make with Craigsbank?

​How long until I will start making money with this?

​Is there a money-back guarantee?

​Okay, how do I get started?


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