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Jul 04

Affiliate Revival Review

Welcome To My Affiliate Revival Review, I’ll Be Going Over This Product Released By Stefan Ciancio, Greg Kononenko & Kobi Topaz To See If You Should Buy It

Welcome to my Affiliate Revival review, where I will go over the member’s area of this product, the sales page and the upsells offered by its vendors. If you decide this product is for you after reading my Affiliate Revival review, I will send you my package of exclusive bonuses, custom made by me for this product, that will help you make even more money with this method. Simply scroll to the bottom of this page to check out what those bonuses are and you’ll notice they are of extremely high quality and very valuable!

When it comes to paid traffic, most newbie affiliate marketers will run the other way, fast. And that’s a HUGE mistake they make. You see, when I first started affiliate marketing, I jumped straight into paid traffic. It gives you results FAST, without having to wait for months to see if your “free” traffic methods are paying off. That’s because free traffic may not cost any money, but it costs a lot of time. Paid traffic is the “secret shortcut” of all super affiliates. And you need to use it, if you want to be successful just like them. But if you do it wrong, you can get burned and spend a lot of money without any results. That’s where Affiliate Revival comes in.

Get Affiliate Revival With My Custom Bonuses

affiliate revival review sales page

What is Affiliate Revival?

The Affiliate Revival training course will teach you step-by-step how to set up successful affiliate marketing campaigns using one of the best paid traffic sources in the world: Facebook Ads. Not only will you learn exactly which affiliate offers to promote and where to find them, there is real in-depth training into advertising included. 

What will you get when you purchase Affiliate Revival?

Affiliate Revival’s member’s area is divided into 5 modules: Basics, Niche & Customer, FB Posts, Funnel and Traffic.

In every module you will be taken by the hand by Kobi Topaz and he’ll show you exactly what to do to build this business up from scratch. At the end of every module there are action steps, which will get you ready to move on and at the end you will have built your first affiliate campaign. Then you should be well on your way to massive profits with affiliate marketing.

affiliate revival review members area

Does Affiliate Revival Really Work?

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that you will make money by putting Affiliate Revival into action. Why? Because for the past 3 years I have used a very similar method to make all my money as an affiliate marketer. A large part of how I did that is covered in my own course, Affiliatio. But, it’s always great to see a fresh perspective on this proven method, as every marketer brings new insights to the table and you’ll learn some golden nuggets when you go through the Affiliate Revival training course.

So, my Affiliate Revival review is overall super positive and I highly recommend you pick up this training to learn more about affiliate marketing funnels, audiences, niches and of course especially Facebook Ads.

Get Affiliate Revival With My Custom Bonuses

What are the upsells?

The first upsell, at a cost of $37, is a Special Software that will create “done for you” campaigns. It takes the hard work out of setting campaigns up by taking care of the annoying parts: copy and graphics. The best part about Affiliate Revival is that you can use this method to create as many campaigns as you want and you’ll be able to scale your income infinitely. But each new campaign comes with some initial work to set up. This software will take most of that work out of your hands, so you have more time to optimize and scale.

The second upsell, at $67, is a one time only coaching pack, including multiple done-for-you campaigns, niches, offers, squeeze pages, thank you pages, ad copy, images and more.

The third upsell, at $47, gives you reseller rights to Affiliate Revival, allowing you to sell it as your own product and keep 100% of the profits. There is a downsell to this that will allow you to sell just the Front-End at $37, but there is absolutely no point in buying that, as you can just be an affiliate and get 100% commissions of the Front-End anyway, so if you’re interested in this, buy the full upsell.

affiliate revival review funnel

Is anything missing?

I think Affiliate Revival is a very complete and well thought-out course that covers everything from the basics to more advanced tactics on affiliate marketing using Facebook ads. However, there are a few things that I do a little bit different myself in my own business and I don’t want you to miss out on that extra knowledge I’ve gained with my experience.

That’s why I’m including those as bonuses to this product, when you decide to purchase by using the links anywhere in this Affiliate Revival review.

Get Affiliate Revival With My Custom Bonuses

Here are all the exclusive bonuses you will get from me after purchasing Affiliate Revival through my link:

affiliate revival review bonus 1

Exclusive Bonus #1: How To Get Guaranteed Affiliate Link Approval – for new affiliates wanting to promote offers on WarriorPlus and JvZoo it can sometimes be hard to be approved. The training does not really help much as you won’t be able to get guaranteed approval with Kobi’s method, with mine you will!

Exclusive Bonus #2: Facebook Ads Optimization – once you’re running Facebook Ads it is super important that you know exactly what data is important and how to interpret it for maximum results, that’s why I’m including my FB ads optimization course as a bonus to Affiliate Revival.

affiliate revival review bonus 3

Exclusive Bonus #3: How To Create High Converting Landing Pages – Affiliate Revival does cover how to create landing pages, but it’s different from how I do it and I think an extra perspective on this will be super valuable for you.

affiliate revival review bonus 4

Exclusive Bonus #4:  How To Write Killer Headlines – to make sure your landing pages convert really well, you should use what I teach in this bonus to legally steal the highest converting headlines in the world.

affiliate bonuses

Affiliate Bonuses: Provided by the vendorMost affiliates will simply provide you with the bonuses the vendor provides them with to give to you. Because I don’t want you to miss out on those after getting my exclusive bonuses, I’ll also be including the bonuses that the vendor has provided me with to give to you!

Get Affiliate Revival With My Custom Bonuses

How to access your bonuses?

After your purchase you will get access to your bonuses automatically.
You can find them below your purchase in JvZoo or WarriorPlus:

warriorplus bonus access

jvzoo bonus access



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Click Here To Get Affiliate Revival & My Exclusive Bonuses Now

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed my Affiliate Revival review!

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