About Me

My name is Bauke Vreeswijk, Online Entrepeneur in the field of Internet Marketing. For several years I’ve worked for an IT company, while living in The Netherlands. While I cannot say I totally hated my job, or was really desperate for money, I always felt like there was more in store for me. And so, I set out to build a Location Independent Business to give myself the freedom to travel around the world, see interesting places and meet interesting people.

And that’s what I’ve been doing. As of August 2015 I’ve officially quit my job, gave up my apartment, sold all my stuff and moved to Chiang Mai, Thailand. Some may call me crazy, some may call me brave and adventurous, but whatever the case, it’s been the best decision I’ve ever made.

Chiang Mai is a hub for Digital Nomads (that’s what most travelling location independent business/ owners/workers call themselves) and from the very first day, I set out to meet them. It’s been a blast, there are so many people with so many different ideas, working in different fields. There is nothing like hanging out with like-minded people!

This does not mean I’ve stopped working though. The lifestyle is definitely mobile and allows for taking a lot of time for myself, social activities, sports etc. But it’s also a great place for getting work done. My main source of income is in affiliate marketing, which basically means selling other business’ products online and receiving a commission by doing so.

If you want to learn more about how that works, sign up for my free course “How To Make $100-200 Per Day Sending Simple Emails” to begin.